Saturday, April 9, 2016

NWorld Product Testimonial by Kreeme

I was truly amazed with this product. NLighten CC Cushion of NWorld is the best I've tried. It was like a dream come true to have tried a cushion that will not just lighten my skin upon application but is effective also on preventing signs of aging such as fine lines, discoloration and wrinkles. Added to these is its lightweight make-
up base effect in the skin for a flawless coverage.
Almost everyone loves to have a Korean skin. Who wouldn't get charmed to a fair white skin with a rosy glow? 
NWorld's Nlighten CC Cushion can give you that look. See the result right after application and enjoy the benefits of getting young and healthy skin from using the product regularly.
On my first try of using NLighten CC Cushion which I applied after putting on the NWorld's Nlighten Cloud Cream, which serves as a moisturizer, I really felt that my skin was absorbing the product. I can tell that my blood were really circulating as I saw my face glowed and became rosy. 

I applied the cloud cream all over my face and let it set for a while. When I felt it quite absorbed, I gently path the CC Cushion at the half of my face to see the difference on the other half.
It is as if my pores shrunk. No ugly pimple marks and my face looks lifted. A couple of minutes, it blended out well with my skin tone. There I realized why is it good to have organic ingredients and it is because our skin is harsh-free with this. No irritations and it compliments our skin.

Thinking that it will be just for a while, I thought that the Korean Skin feeling would just be there after few minutes of application but it wasn't like that.
I was looking in the mirror several times throughout the day and it makes me go WOW because my face never gets cakey. I wear the product all day while doing some chores in the house. It is summer here in the Philippines so I sweat a lot but never did my face became messy.

I hope you also get the chance to try NLighten CC Cushion and I believe you'll love it too.
We deserve the best treat. We deserve NWorld Products.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nutri21 Fruits and Herbs Juice

Nutri21 Juice has 21-in-1 Fruits and Vegetables goodness in every drink.

It is FDA approved and 100% Natural.

Active Ingredients:

1. Barley
2. Wheat Grass
3. Moringa
4. Coconut Water
5. Carrots
6. Mangosteen
7. Goji
8. Acai
9. Mango
10. Guyabano
11. Pineapple
12. Grape seed
13. Tomato
14. Guava
15. Calamansi
16. Dalandan
17. Banana
18. Spirulina
19. Strawberry
20. Apple
21. Aloe Vera

Health Benefits:

  • Weight Loss
  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Boost memory
  • Increase cardiovascular
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Curbs overeating
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Asthma
  • Weapon against blindness
  • Improves skin look and feel younger
  • Lower the risk of colon problems
  • Enhances sexual performance
  • Fights against diabetes
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Anti-aging
  • Sleep improvement
  • Prevent constipation

Introducing Nutri21: 21 Fruits and Vegetables Juice for all Healthwise

How important it is for you to eat FRUITS and VEGETABLES?

If your answer is highly NOT IMPORTANT and NOT that NECESSARY, then I guess you are not human!
Living with meats only is unhealthy. We need to have a balance diet, and fruits and vegetables are always part of it.

We highly believe in Doctors when it comes to our health because they are the specialists in this area. Do you know of any Doctor who would say that fruits and vegetables are to be avoided? Or do you know of any Doctor who wouldn't suggest eating fruits and vegetables to be healthy and fit?
Fruits and Vegetables are rich in nutrients and vitamins. They are essential to our daily living and overall health.

What if I introduce to you a JUICE that has twenty one (21) fruits and vegetables in it? Sounds GREAT and it REALLY exist!

NUTRI21 Juice has the goodness of 21 NATURAL fruits and vegetables in 1 sachet so you are guaranteed with NUTRIENTS with every drink.

In your everyday life, do you always get the chance to eat 21 kinds of herbs coming from fruits and vegetables in 1 serving?
NO! Even if you answered yes because you can buy it every day, how much do you spend on it? Plus the fact that you can’t preserve it longer for it may get  rotten fast or lose the nutrient contents when it gets refrigerated for a long time.

NUTRI21 ensure the goodness for every sachet and its far more affordable than buying fruits and vegetables every day. For only P400.00/box or $10/box with 10 sachets on it, you can have the necessary nutrients your body needs to boost your immune system to fight against diseases and toxins and get optimum health.